Q3 Color Guide

Users playing in multiplayer Quake 3 may want to change the color of their online aliases. This requires that the user insert special characters. For example, if a user wanted their name to be blue they would type ^4name as their name.

Also in vq3 ( baseq3 )  black name aren’t available but here is a trick  ^^0YourNick you will have a black name with a carrot front of it.

0 = Black
1 = Red
2 = Green
3 = Yellow
4 = Blue
5 = Light blue
6 = Pink
7 = White

Note: The same color codes can also be used to color chat text.


OSP/CPMA users have some more features

^B and ^b – make text blink
^F – makes the text display only at the first half of a second
^f – makes the text display only at the last half of a second
^N – resets control stuff like ^B, ^F, ^f
^Xrrggbb – allows the user to define the color using the rgb values (hex)

(e.g. ^XFF0000 is red, ^X777777 some kind of grey).


You can look to the chart bellow for the color you want for OSP/CPMA