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At the demand that map  have been add to the duel server. Cool

Per request we are looking to bring some new maps into the CTF server rotation, but that also means we need to take a few out. Lets start with the current rotation:

1. ospctf1 "White Noise - F3 Edition"

[Image: ospctf1.jpg]

2. q3ctf1 "Dueling Keeps"

[Image: q3ctf1.jpg]

3. japanctf "Japanese Castles ctf"

[Image: japanctf.jpg]

4. q3ctf4 "Space CTF"

[Image: q3ctf4.jpg]

5. q3ctf2 "Troubled Waters"

[Image: q3ctf2.jpg]

6. q3ultradm13 "Q3ULTRADM13"

[Image: q3ultradm13.jpg]

7. ospctf2 "Crossed Paths - F3 Edition"

[Image: ospctf2.jpg]

8. q3wctf1 "Bloodlust"

[Image: q3wctf1.jpg]

9. ctctf6 "Rocky Rampage"

[Image: ctctf6.jpg]

10. overskillctf "OVerSKill CTF"

[Image: overskillctf.jpg]

11. q3wctf2 "Courtyard Conundrum"

[Image: q3wctf2.jpg]

12. q3wctf3 "Finnegan's Revenge"

[Image: q3wctf3.jpg]

13. q3tourney6_ctf "Across Space"

[Image: q3tourney6_ctf.jpg]

14. q3wcp9 "Spider Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp9.jpg]

Now for the considered.

A. q3wcp23 "The Vast and Furious"

[Image: q3wcp23.jpg]

B. wcp18 "Future Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp18.jpg]

C. wcp5 "Shinning Forces"

[Image: q3wcp5.jpg]

D. wxs1 "Silly Railings"

[Image: q3wxs1.jpg]

E. wcp10 "Crude Crossings"

[Image: q3wcp10.jpg]

We would like to know which maps You! would like to see go, and which ones you would like to see join the rotation. Thanks ~

Spider Crossings will be joining our map rotation! Turn autodownload on, or get it here!

[Image: 85290-spider.jpg]

Added the following to Defrag:

[Image: BV3QLJ2.gif]



All Arti servers will now require a cd-key or serial to join. If you need help regarding this change please feel free to let us know via Discord, the Help section or PM.  

Regards ~

Mini-xmas :Tongue

Hey guys,
Please let me know your fav CTF, 3wave or custom ctf maps ,   I will add them to the server. 

AaleBhmd  banned from the forum  to have posted stupid stuff not related to our activity .

Okay ,
I know some are unhappy with the freeze server  because there are some bug we can't really fix,  eg;  spec enemy team, the thaw time seem to not work are 2 examples i hear the most ...     

Atm Freeze server use the European rule set like Quake live and many seem to dislike because they are used to play on Crom  freeze .. 

So let us know about what you like or dislike and we will look into this and maybe we can swap the server side mode to fix the actual bug and please everyone.

F4te has had some suggestions from players about the duel server, after review I have enabled the weapons drop on the server.

This will take effect at the server restart today.