About us


Founded by f4te and jf. in the mid of 2018, our goal was to have a place where to play our fav Quake3 mods  w/o “malicious players” also give to the others a place where to play.

ArtifexQuake is just a small Quake3 community, our goal is to regroup the real Quake3 lover and play together on our servers.
You can join us at Discord ArtifexQuake


Artifex advanced server mod for Quake III Arena

After awhile we have realized that our OSP servers was full of annoying bugs that can’t be fix ( no source code released from Orange Smoothie ), hence in 2019 with the help of Kameltoe we started this day to day project, a small server mod bringing some nice stuff to Q3A servers admin.

The idea behind this project is to have the ability to improve the servers side performance, security, bugs fix and also to be compatible with the most popular clients mode nowaday so, all can use their fav client to play on Artifex.