Open Arena with Quake3e?

For those asked me how we can use Quake3e binary to play Open Arena, here is the trick for windows.

First of all follow these easy steps:

  1. Download Open arena 0.8.8 form here.
  2. Download latest Quake3e binaries here.
  3. Copy all the Quake3e binaries into the Open Arena folder.
  4. Create a shortcut of your prefered quake3e binarie, I higly recommand quake3e-vulkan.exe.
  5. Rigth click on the shortcuts and select properties, in the Target area insert +set fs_basegame baseoa +set protocol 71-compat.

The command line should look similar to this:

C:\Users\Your Name\Desktop\openarena-0.8.8\quake3e-vulkan.x64.exe +set fs_basegame baseoa +set protocol 71-compat.

Voila now enjoy all the quake3e features in Open Arena 🙂